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Anyone who possesses a valuable and unique watch will also want something special from the watch strap that is worn with it. The Watch Factory offers you Watches Straps, as all its straps feature a number of contemporary, affordable designs for those who view casual wear with the same keen eye for fashion. Some watch straps in the collection are even water resistant and, provided with the anti-allergy system. All straps are available in a wide range of colours, sizes and styles to suit most types of wrist watch. Most of our watch straps come in a choice of buckle colours usually in silver or gold.

Major watches' top brands do not only make the best watches ever, but they also produce the best watch straps for their customers to make the watch match your style more and more including Camel Active Watches Straps, Casio Watches Straps, Hip Hop Watches Straps and Luminox Watches Straps. In addition to LBS Straps, as it is one of many important names within the watch straps production industry in the world. It offers unique Buffalo Grain, Calf Leather Straps, Vegetable Leather Straps, Suede, Crocodile Grain Straps, Lizard Grain Straps, and Shark Grain watch straps.

There are plenty of different materials that Straps can be made of including: Leather, Rubber, Stainless Steel, Risen, and Velcro.

Leather Straps: These Leather straps are available in different designs and colors with different textures like crocodile, alligator, shark, pigskin, and cashmere sheepskin. It will complete the fashion statement of individuals who would like to be comfortable even looking a bit formal. Some of these leather bands have matte finish as well as glossy appearance that look absolutely marvelous if you wear them with semi formal outfits.

Stainless Steel Straps: it is the most common metal for watches straps because it resists a lot of corrosion, it does not stain, and it is strong and easy to take care of.. Regardless of the practicalities of the stainless-steel bracelet, the steel band can be worn as an outdoor or dress watch.

Rubber Straps: they are best for utility watches for work and sports rather than a classy event. These types of straps are the perfect for casual watches. Typically, the materials used for these straps are lighter so it can be worn properly together with the light sport apparel.

Resin Straps: they are made of materials that prevent too much shock, pressure, and even water. They are tough, rugged, lightweight and water resistant for the protection of delicate workings of the watch.

Velcro Straps: they are commonly made from nylon. Fairly durable and normally water resistant Velcro straps are often used for watches that are designed specifically for outdoor pursuits or for children's watches.

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