Water Resistant Watches

This term describes the ability of a watch to withstand water from entering the case and harming the movement .This kind of watches first appeared in the late 1970, and were identified as waterproof, but according to the introduction of ISO (International Organization for Standardization) this identification changed to "water resistant "to be more accurate term. No watch is fully 100% water resistant, as these kinds of watches are tested for water resistance in static laboratory conditions for short periods. The result of this is that a 100m rating does not necessarily means that watch can be worn safely to that depth, it is merely indicative of the pressure the watch can withstand in still conditions. Watches always have their water resistance rating on the case. Watches with a depth rating of less than 30 meters are splash proof, meaning that it should not be worn during washing up or showering. But if you need a watch that can be used for everyday tasks it would be better a water resistance rating of at least 30m. For swimming or doing other water sports, it is best to get a watch with a depth rating higher than 100 meters. On the other hands, a watch with a depth rating of 200 meters is highly recommended to scuba diving. There are higher classifications of water resistance, 300m or more. In principle the higher the water resistance rating the more durable the watch will be, although this is dependent on the quality of manufacture.

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