Strap Watches

Watch's strap refers to a leather, plastic, metal or fabric band that holds the watch on your wrist. Watches straps are made up of different materials such as leather which remains a hugely popular strap for its simplicity, comfort and looks. Sports-style leather bands usually feature contrasting stitching to black and brown color. Also Stainless Steel is considered to be the most common material used for watches' straps because of its durability and anti-erosion properties. Titanium alloy also is a lightweight and exceptionally durable material. It has the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal. Gold is considered to be the second common metal used in watch making; it is a very hard metal and an extremely precious material with excellent properties. Resin straps are normally designed for sports watches. They are really tough and have the advantage of being both lightweight and practical. Nylon or Velcro watches straps commonly used by military personnel. This Kind of bands can be washed and never rot due to moisture. Watch bands can be exchanged to alter the look of the timepiece, also can update, or enhance, the masculinity of an older, smaller watch dial.

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