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Rotating Bezel Watches

A bezel is the relatively large ring that surrounds the dial, or face, of a watch. The purpose of the unidirectional rotating watch bezels, which associated with diving, is to keep track of elapsed time. It is designed to prevent divers from overestimating their remaining air supply. On diving watches, bezel often has calibrated markings and the ability to rotate in either one or two directions. A unidirectional bezel is one that rotates in only one counterclockwise direction. This type of rotating bezel is often used for diving watches. A true dive watch will have a uni-directional rotating bezel that can be set to indicate the time a dive begins. This allows a diver to keep track dive times while underwater. Rotating functional bezels are also used quite extensively on military watches. Although rotating watch bezels perform timekeeping functions, the primary purpose of any bezel is to hold the crystal face of the watch in place. The watch bezel is designed to be ratcheted in the place so that it cannot be accidentally knocked out of its original position. It can be set to track either seconds or minutes according to the diver's preference.

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