Quartz Watches

A quartz movement is a watch with a mechanism powered by a "Quartz Crystal". Quartz movements were created, by Swiss watchmakers in 1967. Quartz movements are exceptionally accurate, because quartz crystal regulates the electric oscillator in keeping the time with much greater precision. This accurate and reliable mechanism is the strength of this type of movement compared to the older mechanical movement. Quarts watches need a source of electrical power, which is usually a battery. Quartz performance is affected mainly by temperature changes and weakened batteries, so quartz watch’s battery must be changed every three to five years. However, some quartz watches get their electrical power from a mini electrical generator powered by the movement of the wearer's wrist, which causes a rotor to spin rapidly. Such watches are sold under the name "Kinetic". Also Tough solar and Eco-Drive watches are quartz watches that get their electricity by transforming light into electrical power through solar cell under the surface of the dial and stored in a capacitor .Quartz watches have either an analog dial, or a digital LCD display. Furthermore, they are inexpensive to manufacture.

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