PVD Watches

PVD is an abbreviation which stands for Physical Vapour Deposition. It is a method that can be used to change the surface properties of watches material. PVD mechanism is most commonly used for watches and bracelet to produce a flat black finish which is quite attractive. However, black is not the only color when it comes to PVD. The range of colors includes Rose- Gold, Gold Tones, Black to Gray, Silver, and Bronze Tones. PVD processes involved four steps: Evaporation, Transportation, Reaction, and Deposition. These processes results in a coating up to a micron or so thick that's tightly bonded to the base material. There is a lot of variation in the PVD technique used, so different brands and models will have different levels of durability. The use of such coatings is aimed at improving hardness and wear resistance, reducing friction, and improving oxidation resistance. PVD has been around since 1838 and is heavily used in semiconductor manufacturing, automobiles, and many other places including, or course, watches. Its quality can be compared to 10 micron gold plating. The PVD finish is highly scratch proof and long lasting.

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