Power Types Watches

Wristwatches' Power Types simply refer to the watches movements that calculate the passage of time and display the current time. Watches' power can be categorized into four types: mechanical, automatic (or Kinetic), solar, and quartz movement. Automatic movement refers to the mechanical watch whose mainspring is wound automatically by the natural motion of the wearer's arm. This kinetic energy of the wearer movement keeps the watch wound and running, and makes it unnecessary to manually wind the watch. Mechanical watches are powered by the energy stored in a spring which is used to move a number of weighted wheels, or set of gears. These types of watches need to wound regularly. A quartz movement has a mechanism powered by a Quartz Crystal that regulates the electric oscillator in keeping the time with much greater precision. Quarts watches need a source of electrical power, which is usually a battery. Solar watches are powered by built-in solar cells located above the watch dial; these solar cells beneath the dial simply absorb natural or artificial light and convert it to electrical energy. This electricity is stored in a battery, so the watch can track time even when the watch's batteries dies.

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