Mechanical Watches

Mechanical watches movement keeps accurate time through the regulated release of energy from the spring, which moves the wheel train, or set of gears. Manual mechanical movement, can power a watch for about 35 hours and needs to be wound on a consistent basis to keep it operating. Automatic mechanical watch requires no winding because its rotor winds the mainspring when the wearer moves their wrist. Mechanical watches with jewels movement (originally natural ruby, now synthetic ruby) are more accurate. Not for decoration proposes, these jewels are low-friction bearings for the gear wheels. The number of jewels is normally printed on the watch dial, or engraved on the back of the watch. Around 15 to 20 jewels is a good number to have. Most mechanical watches are created for durability since these watches will last for a long time. Mechanical watches are created in a variety of styles to suit different age groups, gender and budgets; they are good enough for most people's everyday lives. It never needs batteries and a good one can keep time accurately to within 2-3 seconds per day.

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