Kinetic Watches

Kinetic simply means motion-generated mechanical energy. Kinetic watches, are timepieces that require neither winding nor battery replacement. Instead, these Kinetic watches store the electrical energy generated by the wearer's movement, which allows them to charge their own batteries. The movement of the wearer's body rotates a rotor which after going through a series of tiny gears drives the main motor. Inside the Seiko Kinetic watch, the motor converts this movement (kinetic energy) into electricity which is thereafter stored into a very small capacitor. This capacitor is like a rechargeable battery. If the watch is inactive for 24 hours, it will stop working for the time being. As soon as it is brought to motion with a little kinetic energy, time will reset according to the computation of capacitor. A fully charged kinetic watch can store energy for months without requiring a re-charge. Also, many kinetic watches have indicators to let the wearer know how much charge is being held within the timepiece. The kinetic watch was developed by the Seiko Watch Corporation in the '80s. At that time it was sold under the name AGM. Kinetic watches have set new standards for watch manufacture.

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