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Indiglo Watches

The name ( Indiglo) is derived from the color indigo, describing the bluish purple light which the devices emit. Indiglo is a technology patented by Timex. According to Timex the Indiglo night-light uniformly lights the surface of the watch dial using a patented electroluminescent lighting technology. This technology is generally used to converts electrical energy directly and totally into light in a Timex indiglo watch for night viewing purposes. When first released, the high demand for the technology led the manufacturer to invent new technologies such as "Night-Mode", which provides three seconds of illumination at the touch of a button. Timex Ironman watches was the first ever model to use indiglo technology in 1992. The popularity of Indiglo led Casio to produce the Illuminator after two years that Indiglo appeared. Since then these watches have become a highly demanded feature in watch design. The indiglo watches can be of total dial illuminating type or just hands or hands and numbers illuminating type. With the push of a button and a small amount of electricity, an Indiglo watch becomes readable in any darkness.

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