Digital Compass Watches

Digital Compass watch is a sports watch that can help you navigate where you're going. Digital compass watch is a combination chronograph and compass. Its display is usually a digital read out in degrees, from 1 to 360, and some digital compasses display a digital dial with an arrow that points to magnetic north. In addition, they are easy to use and designed to perform for outdoor adventures, as it allows the user to determine direction of travel by calculating the difference between magnetic and true north. That difference is also called magnetic declination. Compass digital watches are available in many different styles and most sport models are water-resistant. Digital compass watches are often used by mountain climbers, hikers, sailors and soldiers. Digital compass watches are compact and able to withstand the rigors of hiking and mountain climbing. Digital watches with built-in electronic compasses, thermometers and barometers are cool gadgets. Their high-tech digital display gives them the appearance of accuracy.

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