Countdown Timer Watches

A function which measures time remaining in preset period of time. Countdown timers are useful for athletes who do timed training sessions. Almost all sports watches will have a single countdown timer at least. Countdown timer movement is similar with the alarm clock, in its interior there are two springs, one for walking, and other is for the alarm sound. The difference is that there are not bar wheel, the spring for running time is directly mounted on center wheel, and it also has a balance wheel and hairspring, but most of the wheels are made of plastic. The classic Countdown Timer lets you specify if you want the timer to beep and repeat the countdown at the end of the first cycle, beep and stop or beep and count upwards. Some watches have an interval timer. It allows you to program different-length segments into the same cycle. Countdown Timer or Interval Timer feature is not essential, unless you are doing fixed time repetitions, but it can be an extremely useful feature.

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