Gold Watches are often appreciated as jewelry or as collectable works of art rather than just as timepieces. Give your arm an elegant look with the loveliness of a delicate solid gold watch. When you wear a gold watch, you are surely carrying an image of sophistication and class. Gold Watchesare for those who have a premium taste and want to accessorize their wrist with something beyond just beauty and are equally popular amongst men as they are with women.

A watch has become an important aspect of our daily lives. It is not only a gadget that lets us know the time, but much more than it. It is also used as a fashion accessory. For that The Watch Factory offering you a wide selection of sleek and classy branded gold watches such asCitizen-Emporio Armani- Guess – Kenneth Cole-Seiko - Timex- Casio- Ice Watch. And now you can buy a reel 9ct & 18ct gold watches from the new selection of Rotary gold watches which come in a design of a gold case with a gold bracelet strap, and also comes in solid gold case with leather straps.

Men’s Gold Watches instantly make any outfit classy and refined, while remaining very sleek and cool. Gold Watches not only become an attractive piece of jewellery in men, but also give clarity and precision of time. Gold Watches also come in sports models where they are designed with additional features. Some gold watches are also complemented with a diamond in their dial to reflect preciousness, exclusivity and a long lasting value.

Imagine the look on the face of the special lady in your life as she unwrap a gold watch for the holidays, a birthday or an anniversary. A Gold watchis the one gift that shows how much you care. Gold Watches for Women have a romantic quality about them, especially in delicate bracelet variations. These gold watches for women are defined by their bracelet-like bands or petit nature, which crosses-categorizes them with fine jewelry. The Watch Factoryoffers unlimited and elegant choices for any woman of any age.

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