The fob by definition is a pocket watch, designed to be worn on the clothing or in the pocket keeping the watch out of direct contact with the patient, infection or virus. There are a number of different materials used in the production of Fob Watches, however most common amongst the healthcare professionals and nurses, are the Silicon Fob Watch and the Stainless Steel Fob Watch.

The Silicon Fob Watch is often practical as the watch itself can often be removed from the silicon outer casing. This allows the fob casing to be thoroughly washed and sterilized, and by its composition, silicon has little or no areas for bacteria, viruses or infections, to harbor or grow which making silicon the perfect material for the Nurse’s Fob Watch and hugely reducing the risk of infection.

The other popular variety of fob watch amongst nurses is the Stainless Steel Fob Watch. Though the outer casing is often not removable as in the case of the silicon fob watch, the composition of stainless steel prevents bacteria or infection from growing, and stainless steel really is simple to clean, with warm soapy water.

Aside from being practical timepieces for nurses Fob Watches are now used as fashion accessories, as the latest fashion craze is to pin them on a jacket or handbag, this is a convenient and easy way to look good and tell the time all in one hit. The trend is moving away from clumpy wristwatches to funky Nurse Fob Watches. Fashion is all about being unique and different, so if your fashion style is unique then you will need the rest of your accessories to complement this.

The Watch Factory provides you with the high quality Silicone Gel Fob Watches for nurses. These beautiful and stylish Fob Watches has great features which include high accuracy analog quartz movement along with the silicon rubber housing and pin-on construction. The nurse’s fob watches come in to bright colour silicone holders with safety pin style clips for easy attachment to any uniform. They are Ideal for infection prevention and control.

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