A chronograph is a watch with both timekeeping and stopwatch function. There are two types of chronograph watches:

Digital chronographs use a digital display for both timekeeping and stopwatch functions, either with separate displays or by switching modes on a single display

Analog-digital chronographs have a standard analog watch with permanent center seconds and a separate digital display that usually operates independently of the analog section. A fallback will reset to zero and then continue to run when the reset button is pushed while the stopwatch is running. In contrast, most mechanical chronographs will reset to fifty only when the stopwatch is stopped.

Nowadays chronograph watches are very popular among the young people and sports men. These chronograph watches look good on any occasion be it for sports events or even for formal black tie functions. They are made to last a long time with tough weather conditions or rugged usage. That is why they are usually more expensive than the normal watches because of these features. Chronograph watch can be made of out a variety of different and capable materials. Some of these materials include titanium, aluminum, steel and plastic. Looks of chronograph watches can vary in their looks and styles, from being sporty to elegant. They are designed to be worn by men and women alike.

The Watch Factory introducing you some of the most popular chronograph watches manufacturers which include: Casio, Citizen, Immersion, Luminox, Seiko, Timex, Calvin Klein, and Rotary chronograph watches.

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