If you're a runner, you could choose between a Heart Rate Monitor Watch and a Running Watch. The former would be able to track the level of your intensity but the latter incorporates that with other features that a runner could benefit from. A good running watch should be able to record the mile times in races or lap times in speed sessions, as well as countdown timers. These are all useful functions to have during the training period.

Timex and Sunnto watches are two makers of running watches that offer a much higher level of sophistication than a standard fare running watch. Sunnto are unique in the fact that they are the only Running Watch that measures Training Effect, a measure of how hard you have worked out over the course of a session - a statistic that Sunnto claim is more accurate than simply measuring heart rate alone. The Timex Ironman watches collection are one series of watches designed for the serious athlete. Many Timex Ironman provide support for an interval timer as well making them an attractive and affordable choice for the serious runner.

With so many models and options available you need to decide which Running Watch is right for you. There might be certain features that you need and others that might not be so important to you. It's a good idea to check out each one in person to determine which watch will work for you.

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