Make sure you choose the most perfect first watch for your little boy. This is an essential matter in a child’s life; it is not just about learning the time but also about his whole perception over time along years.

Check out our special range of Children's Watches to teach time, No matter what is your child loves you will definitely find it here with different themes, colours, and interests. Make sure to get a watch on your child's unique taste and style; it would be the thing that will make him even more excited about learning how to read the time.

All boys love superheroes and cartoon characters, they want to be like them and they take these characters as their models. Make sure you encourage your child to learn the time and motivate him do it with a character watch. They will feel safe and proud to be wearing one of their favourite’s characters’ watches.

Timex Watches offer your kid lots of variety range of watches in different vibrant colours, styles, and themes that your kid will love the most.

Cannibal Watches are funky watches and easy to read at the same time for your child. This new collection features a Velcro strap which suits all tastes of children and a white dial with Arabic numeral hour markers and a red second hand as an added advantage.

Hip Hop Watches are Water Resistant and very durable not to mention how cool they would look in your kids' hand.

Casio Baby-G Watches are available in various styles and colors, therefore, you can choose one that is suitable to your kid's personality and style.

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