Timex Triathlon Watches has been around for a couple of decades and is the most sold of its kind. There are a wide variety of options for features for sports watches such as these. Some of the options include water resistance so you can wear it while swimming. Typical functions include a timer, stopwatch, various alarms, an Indiglo display and a heart rate monitor. Some of these watches will predict your finish time or allow you to recall previous training sessions. Others display elapsed time, target time, and countdown timers. Obviously it would be nice to have a watch that does all of this but that can quickly become very expensive and you will probably find that you don't really need all of the extra features.

Timex Watcheshas developed a number of Triathlon Watches ranging from fairly basic models with limited sports functions to top of the range high tech GPS and Data Link watches to meet the ever increasing demands of the Triathlon world. The basic Triathlon Watch still includes time, stopwatch (chrono), timer, occasion alarm, and three other alarms. More sophisticated models have GPS, lap timing, iPod interface and the ability to upload and download data from and to your computer (data link).

The first of the Triathlon Watches were worn by military and law enforcement personnel as the watch was considered bulletproof and had a rugged look. Even today, Timex Triathlon Watch has not lost its value. In fact, there are well advanced watches that come with hi-fi features that make them ideal for expert athletes and serious trainers. For people who enjoy sports goods, triathlon watches are must-have collectibles.

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