Timex Helix Watches

Timex Helix WatchesThe Timex Helix Unisex Sport Watch is one of the innovative ranges of Timex watches with an impressive list of outdoor environmental feedback functions but also i-Control for greater ease of access to the function roster.

The Timex Helix was a low cost altimeter-barometer watch which was used by divers, climbers and other outdoor adventure enthusiasts. The watch offered date, alarm, stopwatch, chronometer, barometer, and thermometer functions. These were available by simply twisting the crown and the date was adjusted by pulling the crown out and then turning it. The Helix had a stainless steel case which was waterproof to 50 meters, and featured Timex’s Indiglo backlight display.

Timex "Indiglo" Night Light enables to illuminate the entire watch face at a mere fraction of the battery drain of other watch lighting systems. Indiglo is a key technology that helped make the Timex Helix watch line as popular as it is today, but don't think Timex have failed to take advantage this innovative technology in their other watch lines too.

Timex Watches build watches specifically for individual sports and pursuits such as sailing, fishing, triathlon, orienteering and running and today the Timex range of watches include the popular Expedition and Ironman range. Timex are also renowned for building watches made to last and have ran many advertising campaigns to prove the strength and durability of Timex watches and they construct their watches using only the highest grade materials and quality parts.

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