Timex Expedition Watches

A unique combination of style and technology, this Timex Expedition Watches collection provides you with the watch you need to enhance your lifestyle. From among its many features, the first thing to make an impression is probably the tough casing especially designed for sports or other rugged action-related applications. Usually there is a boundary that watches cannot cross but fortunately the Expedition, for its tactical benefactor, gives the upper hand towards outdoor activities, and the many wristband that combine well gives it a more formal apparel.

The Timex Expedition is a very practical watch, able to measure time to within 1/20 of a second, it also has a large round easy-to-read watch face that's further assisted by luminous easy-to-read hands. For lighting conditions that are less than ideal, Timex' own brand of Indigo electroluminescence back lights provides clear uniform illumination. Indigo actually requires less power than other lighting systems, which means prolonged battery lives for Timex Watches.

Timex Expedition Watches are the best choices for those who love skiing, climbing, rowing and other adventure sports, because they are superior to other watches in some degree. Of course, the Timex Expedition Watches are more professional for those people. These watches provide specific information about the environment and guide people to make the right decisions; they are more like high technical instruments than watches.

Timex Watches build watches specifically for individual sports and pursuits such as sailing, fishing, triathlon, orienteering and running and today the Timex range of watches include the popular Expedition and Ironman range. Timex are also renowned for building watches made to last and have ran many advertising campaigns to prove the strength and durability of Timex watches and they construct their watches using only the highest grade materials and quality parts.

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