Timex Expedition E-Tide

The Timex Expedition E-Tide is great watch for surfers, sailors or anyone who loves to know the current tide, air or water temperature.

The Timex Expedition E-Tide, Temperature and Compass Watch features Analog Compass, Temperature Sensor, Tide tracking indicator, INDIGLO night-light, Water resistant to 100 meters, Stainless Steel Case, Stainless Steel bracelet or Black Leather Band, and Fourth hand which traces tides, temperature, and compass heading. The compass feature is a really nice feature to have on a tide watch. Not only will you know tide, you’ll know your compass heading or the compass heading of the wind so you can plan your day a on the water.

Not only does it house a neat electronic compass, its tidal track displays the hours until the next tide, measures the temperature in Fahrenheit and Centigrade and also has the added bonus of an adjustable declination scale for more accurate results. Timex Expedition E-Tide is a good watch with a nice easy to read design and nice features. It is very accurate and would be of immense help to any surfer, kayaker, diver, boater to know the current tide position.

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