1440 Sports Watches

Timex 1440 Sports Watch is something you would like to wear on a day to day basis. It looks cool and comfy, for it’s made from lightweight materials. It relies on a Quartz movement that has functions of Chronograph, hour, Day, date display, second time zone. It features a Digital display, Optional hourly chime, 24-hour stopwatch, 24-hour countdown timer, Daily Alarm, Split-Lap Timing, water resistant, and an Indiglo night-light.

Thanks for their accurate and faithful timekeeping abilities, Timex Watches are warmly welcomed by those who are fond of sports activities. Timex 1440 Sports Collection is perhaps the most favorable and fabulous one. Models of the collection are crafted from top grade resistant materials , and come with great practical features .Manufacturers of them put great effort and dedication for making any little detail, making sure that they can offer incomparable precise timing and practical functions for the most demanding sports enthusiast's needs.

Sports Timex Series takes its cues from the Company's heritage as a sports brand, offering stylish fashion watches that have a distinctive sport feel. In conclusion, if you are seeking for watches with accurate timekeeping abilities and sophisticated look, try Timex 1440 Sports watches. Furthermore, if you are an active person who wants to maintain an active and adventurous lifestyle, you are strongly recommended to look no further than Timex 1440 Sports watches. They will never let you down.

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