In the 1990s, a nearly 150 year-old Timex Watches vigorously pursues its long tradition of technological innovation and market leadership. Since its beginning, the unprecedented success of the Timex brand can best be attributed to its driving passion for undaunted innovation.

As Timex progressed they began designing watches that did more than just tell the time and features included not only the standard, day, date, alarms, chronograph and stopwatch but also watches that had a calculator, data storage or used the indiglo light or even more advanced Timex watches with features such as an altimeter, barometer, compass, tachymeter, thermometer or pulse and heart rate monitor. Timex also build watches specifically for individual sports and pursuits such as sailing, fishing, triathlon, orienteering and running and today the Timex range of watches include the popular Expedition and Ironman range. Timex are also renowned for building watches made to last and have ran many advertising campaigns to prove the strength and durability of Timex watches and they construct their watches using only the highest grade materials and quality parts.

Timex 80 Classic Watches: It's a great designed timepieces characterized by modern design, and high-performance.Timex Classics Watches: come with the state of the art design and technology that makes them the best in comparison to other watches.Purchasing one of Timex Elegant Watchesis not just a matter of buying a watch so that you own a device to help you keep track of time. Rather, this type of purchase initiates your relationship with the watch of your choice.Timex Expedition Watches:is a very practical watch, able to measure time to within 1/20 of a second, it also has a large round easy-to-read watch face that's further assisted by luminous easy-to-read hands.

Timex Helix Watches: This watch offer date, alarm, stopwatch, chronometer, barometer, and thermometer functions.Timex Ironman Watches: models are one of the most recognized timepieces around the world. Timex Triathlon Watches:There are a wide variety of options for features for sports watches such as these.Timex Marathon Watches: are designed to be relied on for ruggedness, variously offering water resistance or shock resistance.Timex Chronograph Watches: are something which you should look at if you like the attention you get when you wear something nice. Timex Perpetual Calendar: is trusted to give you the correct time whether it is about time, or a date. It is believed that this type of watch can last longer than any other kinds of watches.

Timex Retrograde Watches: come with the state of the art design and technology that makes them the best in comparison to other brands.Timex SL Series Watches: takes its cues from the Company's heritage as a sports brand, focusing on the latest trend of stylish fashion watches that have a distinctive sports feel while being elegantly formal.Timex Style Watches: range offers a look for every occasion, it's a classic everyday men's watch.Timex T Series Watches: is a collection of watches that demonstrate Timex's classic look in a variety of different styles.Timex Performance Watches: are generally made of hard and rugged substances as stainless steel and are they are usually water resistant in depths more than 50 meter.Timex Reef Gear Watches: will allow you to enjoy your adventures without a second thought or worry about the safety of your timepiece.

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