Suunto began in 1936 when founder Tuomos Vohlonen patented the first mass-produced liquid-filled compass. Vohlonen named the company Suunto because in Finnish, Suunto means direction. Sunnto have positioned themselves as the innovator - and with products like the Suunto Core, and Suunto T series they have always been on the forefront of technology.

The most notable feature of the Suunto watch is its reliability. Made with a tough, water resistant casing and well tested software, the Suunto is the watch of choice should you need a device that is functional and tough. It is not the prettiest of watch pieces, but when in the wild function is more important than form. The Suunto watch is great for a skier, backpacker, rock climber, avid hunter or any other outdoor adventure. Suunto watches will give you the reliability you need when it comes to weather. With the ability to provide you with important information like barometric pressure and changes, temperature, altitude, and compass direction, this watch will keep you on schedule when there is nothing out there but you and the wilderness.

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