Seiko Velatura watches feature a rechargeable battery and their calendar accurate to 2100. Seiko Velatura is another high performance watch collection designed by Seiko for men and women. These exquisitely designed Seiko Velatura watches combine innovation of function and precision to make one of the most demanding marine watches today for the needs of professional and recreational sailors.

Overall, the Seiko Velatura Watch is a fairly wide watch but with its well contoured design it wears on smaller than it actually is. Seiko Velatura watches are very comfortable to wear with the variety of bracelets from leather to carbon fiber centre links bracelets. The designs are very neat and make the Seiko Velatura Watch stands out from other Seiko or even other popular brands. Moreover, the hands and markers on the Seiko Velatura Watches are coated with lumibrites which actually glows in the dark.

The main feature of the Seiko Velatura Collection is the Kinetic energy. The watch is powered by the motion of the wearer’s hand which is similar to the normal Seiko Kinetic watches. However, the interesting bit here is that the Seiko Velatura Watch can also be hand winded. There is a real time indicator of how much power is being generated during winding and it makes it a cool and unique way to interact with your watch.

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