The Sportura Collection is inspired by motor sports, and all are high performance. All watches in theSportura Watches have quality stainless steel case, non-reflective crystals of sapphire, water resistance technology, and are practical. The inspiration is taken from motor sport, and is shown through the colours used. The six major types included in the Sportura Collection of Seiko Watches are, Sportura World Time, Ultimate Kinetic Chronograph, Double Retrograde Chronograph, Alarm Chronograph, Kinetic Direct Drive, and a Chronograph Perpetual. The range includes different designs, and has some amazing features.

TheSportura Analogue-Digital Watch has a large screen, and the design is just a little different from that of Alarm Chronograph Watches. The watch has a high tech look, as there is a black LCD. Other features of this thrilling Seiko Sportura Collection watch are Digital alarm, stopwatch, World time, and an automatic calendar.

If you're looking for a moderately priced, high quality, very cool, and totally unique looking watch, you might want to check out something from Seiko's new Sportura collection. Seiko Sportura Gent’s Watch brings a sense of classic style to a timepiece that's ready for the 21st century new world man.

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