Seiko Premier Gents Watches feature a mechanical design with high accuracy and unique functions associated with kinetic technology. Seiko Premier Gents Watch is an analogue quartz watch equipped with the Kinetic technology developed by Seiko. It generates the electric energy by using the movement of your body to charge the watch. This energy stored in the rechargeable battery which requires no replacement unlike conventional button-type batteries

Seiko Premier Gents Watches is a remarkable fusion of high performance and refined design. Neo-classical design meets the world’s most advanced chronograph. The energy generated by the Kinetic technology offers quartz movement without battery.

Seiko Premier Gents Watches are available in various sizes and designs. Apart from having trendy and classical designs, they are designed in such way that gives the customers more functionality Seiko Premier Gents Watch collection from Seiko is all about class, and that is what you want to have in dress watches for both men and women.

Seiko Premier Gents Watches Series is Seiko’s leading dress watch collection. Seiko premier combines classically refined inspiration with subtly modern expression. This is inspired by neo-classical architecture. Premier is classical yet modern, reverential yet bold, restrained yet eye-catching.

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