Perpetual calendar watches are men's every day watch that can also be used as a dress watch and it is one of the most popular ranges of Seiko watches. They feature a kinetic technology which allows the freedom of never changing the watch batteries as it uses the energy of your hand to power itself.

One of the star features of these watches is the Auto-relay system: which means when the watch senses 24 hours of inactivity it will go to sleep. It can sleep up to 4 years! When it is sleeping, the hands do not move but the date moves. This way the watch can save and store the energy. When you shake the watch, it will wake up and adjust automatically to the correct time. It is such a pleasant sight to just see this mechanism in action

Seiko Perpetual Calendar Watches are known for their accuracy with a built-in calendar that automatically adjusts for even or odd months, even on Leap years. You can count on Seiko Perpetual Calendar Watches to keep time, all the time, while keeping a keen eye on style. Perpetual Calendar Watches by Seiko are wonderful additions to other modern fashionable watches. Seiko Perpetual Calendar Watches guarantee that you will never lose another minute again.

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