Seiko Chronograph Watches are powered by body movement. A Chronograph is basically another name for a watch that has both timepiece and stop watch functions.There are mainly 2 different types of chronographs, digital and analogue-digital chronographs.

Seiko Chronograph Watches offer a unique combination of precision, comfort and readability. Seiko Chronograph Watches are masterful in features with split time measurement and stop-watch capability up to 12 hours in 1/20 second increments. The ultimate sports watch Seiko Chronograph pulls out all the stops when it comes to detailed styling and quality craftsmanship.

Seiko Watches are well known for their advanced technology, and are one of the few Watches manufacturers that produce all of their watches entirely in house. They produce both mechanical and quartz watches of varying prices. There are five essential features ofSeiko Watches, shock resistant, water resistant, automatic, day display and date display.

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