The story of Seiko started in1881 when Kintaro Hattori opened his first clock repair store in Japan – Tokyo under the name Seikosha. Eleven years later his company produced its first clock. It was his vision of a forward looking and ambitious enterprise that made Seiko Watches one of the most respected wristwatches manufacturers in the world over the past 129 years.

In 1960 the ultimate challenge to Seiko vision was to build the world's first quartz watch. Thus on December 1969 The Astron quartz was lunched to be the world's first quartz watch. It had 18 karat case and sold for 450.000 Yen which equal the price of small car at that time. Later Seiko went on to introduce the first quartz Chronograph watch. Seiko Watches are well known for their advanced technology, and are one of the few Watches manufacturers that produce all of their watches entirely in house. They produce both mechanical and quartz watches of varying prices. There are five essential features of Seiko Watches, shock resistant, water resistant, automatic, day display and date display.

Seiko offers you a wide range of sleek and innovative collection of Watches for gents and ladies including :

Seiko Kinetic watches account for large proportion of sales and combine the self energizing attribute of automatic watch with quartz accuracy. Seiko Alarm Chronograph and Seiko Chronograph are powered by body movement. Seiko Divers watches designed with high technology including features to creating a catchy vintage style. Seiko Perpetual Calendar watches are men's every day watch that can also be used as a dress watch. Seiko Automatic Watches are very durable and its toughness will make them run for a long time without fault. Seiko Velatura watches feature a rechargeable battery and their calendar accurate to 2100.

Seiko Mechanical Watches charge themselves, when the wearer's wrist moves. It can store the energy for up to 6 months. Seiko Ladies Gold Plated Watches are the most fashionable ladies Watches. Seiko Premier Gents Watches feature a mechanical design with high accuracy and unique functions associated with kinetic technology. Seiko Military Watches are so popular amongst people of all walks of life because these watches are specifically made to be tough and rugged and stand the test of time.

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