Rotary Watches

Rotary Watches stand for reliability. Assured quality and sharp accuracy are pivotal elements in designing a Rotary watch. Founded in 1895 by Moise Dreyfuss. Rotary Watches were created with the aim to establish a brand with lasting values. Within twelve years the firm had started importing family watches in Britain and also branded its business with the famous "winged wheel" Rotary logo. By the 1940's, Rotary became the official watch of the British Army. They were so successful in Britain at that time because this happened at the beginning of World War 2, and due to the large number of people being drafted into the military, Rotary watches practically became a common household name. Rotary Watches come with great features that guarantees top quality and which has helped ascertain the brands reputation globally. These features include quartz or automatic movements, and the dolphin standard which means that they are waterproof.

True to its founding philosophy, Rotary makes designer watches for men, women and watches with unisex appeal. One can find watches from classic to contemporary ones and from 9 Ct. gold to mechanical ones. There are watches for everybody and every age-group. The Rotary collections come in a variety of styles, colors, and prices to fit anyone's style and budget.Rotary range of Luxury Watches for both ladies and gentlemen are made with sapphire glass and have deployment clasps. These watches are waterproof and come with Rotary Watches lifetime guarantee.

Rotary Edition range of automatic watches for style-conscious men and women. All Editions models are 100% waterproof and backed by Rotary Watches lifetime guarantee. Rotary precious metals: 9ct gold, 18ct gold and sterling silver will amaze and impress your friends, while adding a touch of class to anything that you wear. Perfect for special occasions or just to enjoy every day. Any of Rotary Precious Metal watches would make an excellent gift.

Rotary Diamond Set models offer something for every diamond loving lady! These watches make the wrist of any woman sparkle with elegance and sophistication; they are backed with a lifetime guarantee.If you are looking for a priceless and timeless gift for a friend Rotary Watches are the best option. And if you want to gift yourself something exotic pick a Rotary Watch. Rotary Watches are the right choice for all seasons and all reasons.

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