Police Brand was launched in Italy in 1983 and has become a leading lifestyle brand all around the world. Appealing to the young, hip crowd, Police brand is predominantly worn by young professionals, but their designs have crossed both age and gender boundaries, and are enjoyed by shoppers of all ages and types.

Throughout the stages of the brand timeline, Police has extended its product ranges and is now famous for its stylish and sophisticated range of sunglasses, fragrances, and clothing. In 2003, Police also launched its range of watches.These Fashion Watches are designed specifically for men and women, and aimed at those who like to express their own unique style which reflects a sleek and sophisticated theme. The collection of Police Watches never fail to impress and are effortlessly stylish. The timepieces have attitude and make a true style statement about the wearer.

Famous and favoured for its strikingly unique designs which incorporate bold colours and cool styles, Police is representative of a dynamic, smart and slightly eclectic trend. The Police style is timeless and it is definitely a lifestyle brand which remains loyal and true to its consumers.

If you are seeking a quality timepiece, Police Watches are the perfect option featuring analogue timing and the highest quality materials and manufacturing methods. Sleek, stylish and with an effortlessly cool attitude makes Police watches the ultimate choice for both men and women.

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