Oregon Scientific creating accurate and comfortable watches which come with great features and affordable price. Oregon Scientific Watches are ideal for all sports activities, lose weight, or protect health. These Sport Watches are simple to use and provided with a chest belt that continuously transmits your heart rate to the accompanying wristwatch.

Oregon Scientific Watches include:

Oregon Scientific RA121 Meteo:stylish digital weather forecaster watch. This watch features four icons (sunny – rainy – cloudy- partly cloudy) display the upcoming weather conditions.

>Oregon Scientific SE 200:Women's sports smart heart rate monitor, provided with chest built transmitter. Available in two colours ( grey and pink).

Oregon Scientific SE121and SE 132:are comfortable watches equipped with smart training program that tracks the heart rate during the exercise, provided with chest built transmitter.

Oregon Scientific HR308: wireless heart rate monitor equipped with smart training program to measure heart rate and calculate calories consumed, provided with comfortable chest strap.

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