Obaku Harmony is an exclusive collection of watches with focus on simple, serene design. This collection is backed by a philosophy of blending the two different traditions of simplicity found in the European and Asian cultures. All Obaku Watches are characterized by pure, harmonic design, calm colour scheme, high functionality and good craftsmanship.

Obaku designers Christian Mikkeslen and Lau Liengard Ruge have combined the best from the Scandinavian minimalistic design traditions with the Obaku-Zen design traditions, and created a new minimalistic Obaku design.The various styles represent a striking and cutting edge approach to watch design and feature stunning visual details which include; stainless steel manufacturing, bands, buckles and cases, which provide endless fun options for all and ooze the proficiency of craftsmanship involved. Not only this, but Obaku Watches are adorned with the most contemporary technology like that of the Titan glass, which offers ten times more resistance against cracks or damage. Furthermore, specific models also feature mineral glass to keeping in mind the preference of a varied group of people.

Obaku Watches offer and maintain chic options for those who are looking for contemporary and fashionable accessories combined with functionality. Not only have Obaku watches been revered for personal use by many people across the globe, but also they make a worthy gift that can be given to those whom one cherishes.

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