Built in the extreme with the Sports enthusiast in mind, Kahuna Products have taken the extreme sports market by storm appealing to both male and female alike. Originally, Kahuna was the Hawaiian title for a shaman, and the term is still used in that context by some native Hawaiians.

With Kahuna you can be free, satisfy your curiosity, experience new things, master challenges and forget everyday life around you. Whatever your passion, be it Surfing, Snowboarding, In-line Skating, Mountain Biking or simply life in the Great Outdoors, Kahuna Action Products provide the hottest range of sports watches and accessories. Kahuna watch tells people that you are active, practical, and up to date.

By providing a great range of fun, stylish, versatile and affordable watches for men, and women in a variety of styles with superb function abilities, people recognize that Kahuna is a brand that they can trust who continue to manufacture watches that are budget friendly, durable, robust and stylishly on trend.

Kahuna Watches are available in a variety of designs ranging from sporty and casual to chic and smart. The main objective of the Kahuna brand has always been to produce affordable watches with functionality and the new Kahuna models include smarter watches with multi-functions.

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