Immersion Watches are designed to have top of the line modern technology included in them, which is seen throughout each of the pieces. Immersion Company designs technical watches since 20 years especially for divers, not to mention those timepieces made for military purpose to simple timekeeper for recreational scuba diving. Immersion watches are loved, respected and ideal investments for a range of people around the world.

Immersion ambitions ride high. To be amongst the most important brands in the non-luxury segment and the absolute leader in the diving watch segment. The Immersion watches are very popular among the aquatic sports fans. By focusing on proprietary modules and to dedicating these developments for this brand, Immersion aim to ensure that their customers, partners and distributors have products that are unique and unavailable elsewhere.

Immersion Watches have all the functions of a regular Dive Watch and yet they are far more elegant. The values for such high quality watches is unbelievable at this price. These Immersion Watches are now available in a variety of colors, designs and styles for all different types of people including the military, law enforcement and the active individual.

Immersion Watches are rugged, handsome and have all of the great features that keep Immersion in the forefront of the watch making world.

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