Diesel was founded by Italian designer Renzo Rosso in 1978 and since then Diesel has been at the forefront of fashion design specializing in clothing, shoes and accessories as well as watches.

Rosso wanted to create a fashion brand which moved beyond common trends and questioned fashion tradition. They succeeded in their goals with their clothing line, and that same design philosophy can be found in their watches.The range of Diesel watches include something for every style and personality. Whether you love a bold splash of colour, a classic style or even something a little futuristic, Diesel watches has it all.

Diesel watches also come in a range of analogue or digital with each watch having a completely different personality of its own. When Diesel decided to design and license a line of fashion watches, they wanted to choose a manufacturer that could turn out each watch with the same kind of quality you find in Diesel Clothing.

Diesel watches embody innovation, with a mix of retro and futuristic styles that merge past, present and future. Diesel also has a range of unisex watches in matt colours. Diesel watches are perfect if you like to inject an essence of personality into your look.

Diesel ladies watches are completely different from what you would expect from a ladies watch and reflect the style of the more modern and assertive woman. However Diesel men's watches are characterized by style and class. Each Diesel watch has a high technology and stylish design.

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