This beautiful Casio Felite Watch is the ultimate accessory for the girl on the go. Casio Felite Watches feature Radio-Controlled and that make a perfect sense of accurate timekeeping. Combining clever technology from Casio in a stylish case and strap design makes this a must-have for any woman who wants to take control of her own time.

Casio Felite Watches feature the famous Waveceptortechnology, which enables the watch to receive calibration signals from Atomic clocks, meaning that it never losses time. The watch can receive signals on three frequencies, one for Rugby, one from Germany and the other from the USA, ensuring accurate time keeping on most of mainland Europe and the States.

This contemporary Casio Felite Watches are Solar Watches , which use an ultra small solar panel on the face of the watch to generate electrical power from sunlight for its rechargeable battery. Casio says that its Tough Solar Technology is aimed at reducing the number of watch batteries that make their way into landfill and add to the presence of heavy metals and toxic contamination in the environment.

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