Casio created the Databank Watches which not only performed calculator functions, but also stored appointments, names, addresses, and phone numbers. Casio Databank Watches are part of the geek trend and considered very fashionable watches.

Casio was the first company to really dominate the world of calculator and data bank watches. The calculator and data bank watches come in many different styles. There is a data bank watch style to suit almost anyone. There are streamlined versions and the high tech looking versions. The new upgraded style version comes in amber, ultra pink, natural green and aqua blue. - Huge selection of Casio from The Watch Factory UK have 13 languages, so they allow you to operate the watch in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Dutch, Danish, German, Italian, Swedish, Polish, Rumanian, Turkish and Russian.

The most common features of Casio Databank Collection include a phone book, scheduler, calculator and other standard features such as Stopwatch, Countdown Timer, Alarm and Full Auto Calendar. These watches looked like a regular watch with a digital display, but had the addition of a numbered keypad located under the dial. As technology grew Casio was able to make the watches smaller and introduce other features.

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