Breo Rainbow Watches are funky and edgy but with a strong sense of sophistication. These Ladies' Rainbow watches have chunky aesthetic and feature cool contrasting colours in the dial and strap such as purple and yellow, orange and red, green and pink, blue and red. They also have light weight rubber straps which make for a cool on-the-go look that easily take you from day to night.

The collection of Breo Rainbow Watches have sporty and predominantly casual look, they are girly but funky and convey the essence of urban cool. Durability, and bold style are the key factors with this range and the vibrant colours available in a selection of the watches are perfect for summer.

Breo Rainbow Watches are all based around colour. Different colour ways make them easy for us to wear as accessories with our looks and really make our watches stand out. This Breo Rainbow range is right on point for summer fashion; bold bright colours that create a wild statement. Whatever your favorite colour you will find a Breo Rainbow Watch to match. Breo Watches have been seen on the wrists of celebrities and lots of singers, actresses, actors, and models.

Breo Rainbow Watch is really affordable, modern, stylish, eye catching and of high quality. Now available, in 4 different colours. It is one of the pioneers in the fast growing rubber watch market, for the team the dream is all about pushing boundaries with different designs and materials to create an exciting and enticing vision of the future.

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