Breo Watches are a uniquely comfortable type of watch made in a natural-feel rubber designed to the highest engineering standards. Breo watches are also a best value for money, low- cost purchase.

Their cutting-edge design won the company the Good Design Award 2008 on the Roam series. It has been the fastest selling wristwatch this year. They are water-resistant to 10m, they weight 10g, they have a replaceable battery and some models feature an LCD display.

Their range of 25 colors made it a fashion statement as they can be worn together like bangles or one at the time matching the outfit. These funky watches have been seen on TV and in celebrity magazines worn by stars such as E4's Steve Jones and Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas.

Breo Roam Watches is the design award winning series and features a unique thin, tubular, colourful and ultra-comfortable band with an LCD display. These watches are made with tourmaline, a naturally occurring mineral known also for its beneficial health effects such as:
• Increased concentration
• Natural detoxification of the body
• Improved sleep, relaxation and meditation
• Improved vitality and mood

Breo has many subcategories such as Breo Roam Watches, Breo Cuiaba Watches, Breo Peaches Watches, Breo Salvador Watches, Breo Palmas Watches, Breo Rainbow Watches, Breo Grande Watches, Breo Salta Watches, Breo Vitoria Watches, Breo Manus Watches, Breo Panorama Watches and Breo Libre Watches.

Breo Campos is the watch that you'll want to wear with everything, with all the usual Breo comfort features and super lightweight so you forget that the watch is actual there. Featuring flat band, quartz analogue display and a minimalist design, it looks and feels good in any condition.

Breo Skin Watches comes in 10 colors and its design incorporates the Breo Roam and the Breo Campos, Bangle style and with an LCD display like the Roam in a flat band like the Campos.

Breo Carve watch comes in 6 colors and represent the design evolution of the Campos, with a nice oval quartz analogue display, a slightly larger flat band and a butterfly buckle.

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