Bench Brand is a British clothing brand that is sold all around the world and it founded in Manchester in the 1980s. Soon Bench expanded into manufacturing more products and now they have a wide range of handbags, jewellery, belts and accessories as well as ladies and mens watches.

Bench is all about practical fashion for active lifestyles. Appealing to many types of fashion genres, Bench Watches are popular among those who appreciate unique, innovative and statement style that they can portray in their look.

The range of watches offered by Bench put forward impressive designs and styles for women and men who like to pursue an active and dynamic lifestyle. Often heavily featured on the dials or watch straps, most Bench Watches feature a simple but bold Bench lettering logo allowing them to go highly noticed.

The Women's Bench Watches collection includes timepieces with both leather and stainless steel straps and despite the urban and edgy vibe, includes some beautiful feminine and girly styles in addition to more casual and urban looks.

The Men’s Bench Watches have the stylish looks to go with the charisma which is essential for the influential personality of a man. Both men's Bench watches and women's Bench Watches are a great statement of British fashion and street style urban wear, but come at very affordable prices.

Bench Watches offer versatile style and features, from which one can select according to their requirements and needs. They are made for a generation that never stops; whose attitude reflects their casual rebellious style.

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